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Cuestionarios de enero, 2012

Enero 1What purpose does a buffer serve?
Enero 2Which of the following devices might include an ADF?
Enero 3What are jumpers used for?
Enero 4Which of the following has a system unit?
Enero 5What type of document stores data in cells?
Enero 6What is the primary function of an ISP?
Enero 7File, Edit, and View are common options in what interface element?
Enero 8Which of the following statements about the PNG format is not true?
Enero 9Which operating system supports target disk mode?
Enero 10Applets are written in what programming language?
Enero 11What does overclocking involve?
Enero 12Creating multiple volumes from a single disk drive is also called what?
Enero 13What are the small images that represent files, programs, and folders called?
Enero 14CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs are all types of what?
Enero 15Processes that run within a program are also called what?
Enero 16What are small images that represent larger images or video files called?
Enero 17What language is used specifically for accessing data from a database?
Enero 18AGP was superseded by which technology?
Enero 19Which of the following interfaces is the oldest?
Enero 20How many more bytes are in a kibibyte than a kilobyte?
Enero 21A pop-up window that includes options like "Cancel" and "OK" is called what?
Enero 22How much data can a CD hold?
Enero 23Centered and Justified are types of what?
Enero 24Which data type contains a group of elements?
Enero 25What does minimizing a window do?
Enero 26What do petaflops measure?
Enero 27What is a website without dynamic content called?
Enero 28What does SLI technology do?
Enero 29What hardware device does the SMART service monitor?
Enero 30What are the individual dots that make up images on a screen called?
Enero 31What is another name for a wireless access point?