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Cuestionarios de marzo, 2012

Marzo, 1What is the technical name of the mouse pointer?
Marzo, 2What key does a Mac keyboard have that most Windows keyboards don't?
Marzo, 3Which of the following statements about "Ccing" email messages is false?
Marzo, 4Which operating system supports Target Disk Mode?
Marzo, 5Which organization manages the domain name system?
Marzo, 6What service translates multiple IP addresses to a single IP address?
Marzo, 7What is VRAM used for?
Marzo, 8Which of the following symbols is not a typical wildcard character?
Marzo, 9Which of the following statements best describes a file association?
Marzo, 10What is a computer worm?
Marzo, 11What company developed the PDF file format?
Marzo, 12What is SSH used for?
Marzo, 13Which of the following best describes a bitmap?
Marzo, 14What is another name for the hexadecimal number system?
Marzo, 15BASIC is a type of what?
Marzo, 16The name of a specific kind of file is also called what?
Marzo, 17Which of the following programming statements may produce iterations?
Marzo, 18The term "system resources" most often refers to what specific resource?
Marzo, 19What is the name of the file system used to store data on CDs?
Marzo, 20Which of the following best describes pseudocode?
Marzo, 21How many values can a single bit have?
Marzo, 22What is another common name for a specific type of hardware connection?
Marzo, 23What operating system uses the Trash to delete files?
Marzo, 24What is the purpose of an application programming interface (API)?
Marzo, 25Which of the following best describes the frontside bus (FSB)?
Marzo, 26What does a thermistor measure?
Marzo, 27Which of the following best describes a NOC?
Marzo, 28A keyboard and mouse can be described as what type of hardware?
Marzo, 29DDR2 is a type of what computer component?
Marzo, 30A concept or behavior that spreads over the Internet is also called what?
Marzo, 31Which of the following best describes an integer?