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Cuestionarios de agosto, 2012

1 de AgostoWhat programming language might include the code "120 IF (N > 100) THEN GOTO 60"?
2 de AgostoMainboard and logic board are alternative names for what computer component?
3 de AgostoWhat verb describes inserting data from the clipboard?
4 de AgostoWhat is the name of Apple's portable operating system?
5 de AgostoFirefox, Chrome, and Safari are all types of what software?
6 de AgostoThe program that automatically opens when you double-click a file is called what?
7 de AgostoWhich of the following best describes a superscalar CPU?
8 de AgostoWhat company was instrumental in developing the FireWire interface?
9 de AgostoKDE is a desktop environment for what operating system?
10 de AgostoGoogle Docs and TurboTax Online can be categorized as what type of software?
11 de AgostoWhat is dot pitch used to measure?
12 de AgostoReload is a synonym for what command?
13 de AgostoWhat type of storage device uses flash memory to store data?
14 de AgostoPortable security keys and hardware adapters are sometimes called what?
15 de AgostoWhat is the purpose of a mirror server?
16 de AgostoWhich of the following file formats stores vector graphic data?
17 de AgostoWhich of the following video interfaces is the oldest?
18 de AgostoRISC and CISC are types of what computer component?
19 de AgostoViruses, worms, and trojan horses all fall under what category?
20 de AgostoWhat are individual boxes in spreadsheets called?
21 de AgostoWhat year was Windows XP released?
22 de AgostoA device or system connected to a network is also called what?
23 de AgostoAdobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word are both what type of software?
24 de AgostoWhat is the opposite of downloading?
25 de AgostoWhat is the generic name for a Web-based email interface?
26 de AgostoWhich of the following interfaces supports the fastest transfer rates?
27 de AgostoWhat is a search engine that searches multiple search engines called?
28 de AgostoSIMMs and DIMMs are different types of what computer component?
29 de AgostoKDE is a desktop environment developed for what operating system?
30 de AgostoWhat type of cable uses an RJ45 connector?
31 de AgostoThe AIFF audio format is most similar to what other audio format?