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Cuestionarios de octubre, 2012

Octubre de 1A concept or behavior propagated over the Internet may also be called what?
Octubre de 2What type of file might contain EXIF data?
Octubre de 3What are the small images used to represent files and folders called?
Octubre de 4¿Cuál de los siguientes no es un dispositivo de estado sólido?
Octubre de 5Which of the following is an example of multicasting?
Octubre de 6What identifier is used to reference a specific file?
Octubre de 7A trojan horse may be classified as what type of software?
Octubre de 8Which of the following is not a type of network topology?
Octubre de 9What type of component may come in a dual-core version?
Octubre de 10Which of the following best describes system hardening?
Octubre de 11What is the name of Google's mobile operating system?
Octubre de 12Keywords entered into a search engine are collectively called what?
Octubre de 13Which person would be most likely to focus on SEO?
Octubre de 14What component is specifically used for loading and storing video data?
Octubre de 15What is typically located before the first partition of a hard disk?
Octubre de 16What operating system supports the NTFS file system?
Octubre de 17What are the standard dimensions of a leaderboard advertisement?
Octubre de 18What unit of measurement is used to calculate frequency?
Octubre de 19In computer programming, how is a newline character typically represented?
Octubre de 20Which of the following is a synonym for bespoke software?
Octubre de 21What is another name for directory?
Octubre de 22A rootkit could be labeled as what type of software?
Octubre de 23Which of the following statements best describes plagiarism?
Octubre de 24What is the name of Microsoft's search engine?
Octubre de 25A "mouse click" is typically synonymous with which of the following terms?
Octubre de 26What keyboard shortcut is typically used to perform the Paste command?
Octubre de 27File, Edit, and View are standard options in what interface element?
Octubre de 28What is the primary purpose of the IEEE organization?
Octubre de 29A storage device that contains an exact copy of another device is called what?
Octubre de 30Which of the following describes adding a new program in the correct order?
Octubre de 31The top level folder on a volume is also known as what?