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Cuestionarios de enero, 2013

Enero 1What type of error is produced when a webpage is not found on a Web server?
Enero 2Which of the following devices is most likely to have the fastest read time?
Enero 3What company developed the Chrome web browser?
Enero 4What number does the hexadecimal value "AB" represent?
Enero 5Which of the following image formats does not use a type of media compression?
Enero 6Which of the following statements best describes primary memory?
Enero 7How many bytes are in five megabytes?
Enero 8What company developed the first version of DOS?
Enero 9Which of the following measures the transfer speed of only the original data?
Enero 10What component should you upgrade in order to run more programs at once?
Enero 11What type of optical media has the highest storage capacity?
Enero 12A person who gains unauthorized access to a computer system is called what?
Enero 13What company developed OpenGL?
Enero 14What does the "b" stand for in "Version 1.0b3?"
Enero 15Individual volumes on a single storage device are also called what?
Enero 16Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock are collectively called what?
Enero 17Web advertisments that are thin and tall are also called what?
Enero 18What unit of measurement is used to measure digital camera image resolution?
Enero 19What does a cybersquatter do?
Enero 20Which Microsoft operating system preceeded Windows Vista?
Enero 21Which of the following statements best describes a keylogger?
Enero 22What company developed QuickTime?
Enero 23What is the standard resolution of a VGA display?
Enero 24How many bytes are in a zettabyte?
Enero 25What is the technical name for a computer "tower?"
Enero 26How many different values can a binary digit have?
Enero 27Samba is an open-source implementation of what protocol?
Enero 28Removing part of an image is technically called what?
Enero 29What platform was KOffice developed for?
Enero 30What is the purpose of a wireless repeater?
Enero 31What type of hardware does a logical unit number (LUN) identify?