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Cuestionarios de marzo, 2013

Marzo, 1What does a thick client have that a thin client does not?
Marzo, 2What is Visual Basic?
Marzo, 3How many megahertz are in a gigahertz?
Marzo, 4What type of RAM is most often used for system memory?
Marzo, 5What is another name for a screen capture?
Marzo, 6Data is transferred over the Internet in small packages called what?
Marzo, 7The transmission of streaming media is an example of what?
Marzo, 8Barcrafts are centered around what video game?
Marzo, 9What modifier key is used to capitalize characters?
Marzo, 10What type of connection uses an RJ45 connector?
Marzo, 11What is the name of the feature in Mac OS X that displays a tray of icons?
Marzo, 12What type of person may use an SDK for his or her work?
Marzo, 13Which of the following units of measurement is the smallest?
Marzo, 14In computing, "thumbnails" typically refer to what type of media?
Marzo, 15A disk utility would be categorized as what type of program?
Marzo, 16What is the name of the top-level directory of a storage volume?
Marzo, 17Which of the following buttons would be least likely to appear in a dialog box?
Marzo, 18What company coined the term "graymail?"
Marzo, 19What type of device might receive a CDMA signal?
Marzo, 20Which of the following terms is used synonymously with a mouse click?
Marzo, 21Syntax errors and logic errors are both types of what?
Marzo, 22What is the default name given to the computer that a program is running on?
Marzo, 23The term "sync" is short for what word?
Marzo, 24Which of the following phrases best describes plagiarism?
Marzo, 25What is the purpose of a DNS record?
Marzo, 26What type of software is developed for a specific industry?
Marzo, 27What is the open-source version of the SMB networking protocol called?
Marzo, 28What type of computer system would be most likely to run Apache software?
Marzo, 29What term describes a program that runs on multiple operating systems?
Marzo, 30What programming language are servlets written in?
Marzo, 31Extremely popular YouTube videos are sometimes described as what?