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Cuestionarios de junio, 2014

Junio, 1What is the purpose of the trackback protocol?
Junio, 2What is a computer that hosts websites called?
Junio, 3What type of input device does QWERTY describe?
Junio, 4What is a file that contains a list of DNS records called?
Junio, 5Which of the following files might be referenced by a Windows program?
Junio, 6What is another name for an advanced text editor?
Junio, 7What programming language was created by Sun Microsystems?
Junio, 8What does the "X" in XHTML stand for?
Junio, 9What type of website is LinkedIn?
Junio, 10What type of input device supports the "swipe" command?
Junio, 11Viruses, worms, and trojan horses all fall under what category?
Junio, 12Laserjet and inkjet printers are both examples of what type of printer?
Junio, 13What type of person might use MIDI in her everyday work?
Junio, 14What type of program stores "cookies" on users' computers?
Junio, 15What is a webpage with links to all pages or sections of website called?
Junio, 16What was the first company to use the term "Golden Master?"
Junio, 17What modifier key is required to type an asterisk (*) symbol?
Junio, 18What type of data does a DBMS manage?
Junio, 19What is the purpose of Windows' ICF feature?
Junio, 20What type of addresses does NAT translate?
Junio, 21What verb describes a failed attempt to deliver an email?
Junio, 22In order to paste an item, you must first copy or _____ it?
Junio, 23What type of device requires a touchscreen?
Junio, 24Which of the following is not a type of font case?
Junio, 25A unique identifier for a database record may also be called what?
Junio, 26How many values can a single byte represent?
Junio, 27What type of image is comprised of paths rather than dots?
Junio, 28¿Cuál de los siguientes no es un dispositivo de estado sólido?
Junio, 29What protocol is designed for transferring files?
Junio, 30What setting defines the spacing between characters of a font?