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Cuestionarios de junio, 2015

Junio, 1What protocol defines standards for sending data over the Internet?
Junio, 2What is the difference between a torrent and a standard download?
Junio, 3When was the first iPod released?
Junio, 4What was processor speed measured in before gigahertz?
Junio, 5What type of text opens a new location when you click on it?
Junio, 6If a computer is unresponsive, it is said to be what?
Junio, 7Which device is most similar to a router?
Junio, 8An operating system is sometimes also referred to as what?
Junio, 9Which of the following Wi-Fi standards supports the fastest data transfer rate?
Junio, 10Which of the following devices is not an optical drive?
Junio, 11Which of the following operating systems might support Open Firmware?
Junio, 12What is the purpose of a mnemonic device?
Junio, 13What term is synonymous with a "row" in a database?
Junio, 14What type of input device is most likely to be used exclusively for gaming?
Junio, 15Documents, images, and compressed archives are examples of what?
Junio, 16A vehicular ad hoc network is an example of what type of network?
Junio, 17What search engine has a rewards program?
Junio, 18Website user preferences are stored in small collections of data called what?
Junio, 19What is another name for a computer program?
Junio, 20What type of file might store a collection of files?
Junio, 21What version of Windows preceded Windows 7?
Junio, 22What abbreviation describes a way to find the shortest path between routers?
Junio, 23What abbreviation may be used interchangeably with ATA-2 and Fast ATA?
Junio, 24Which person is credited for coining the term "cyberspace?"
Junio, 25What action can be performed using drag and drop?
Junio, 26Cable and dial-up are two types of what device?
Junio, 27Which adjective does not describe a user-friendly program?
Junio, 28What language is most important for a web developer to learn?
Junio, 29jQuery is an extension of what language?
Junio, 30What is the purpose of a URL?