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Cuestionarios de agosto, 2015

1 de AgostoInkjet printers are a subcategory of what type of printer?
2 de AgostoThe specs required for running a software program are also called what?
3 de AgostoWhat are individual requests made to a web server called?
4 de AgostoHow many bytes are in a pebibyte?
5 de AgostoWhat action is most often used to display a tooltip?
6 de AgostoWhat is the purpose of HSF components?
7 de AgostoA website layout used for several different pages is also called what?
8 de AgostoiOS and OS X are two different operating systems developed by what company?
9 de AgostoThe DNS system translates a domain name into which unique identifier?
10 de AgostoWhat type of software enables two separate programs to interact with each other?
11 de AgostoWhich of the following input devices is not considered solid state?
12 de AgostoAn HDMI to DVI connector is an example of what type of device?
13 de AgostoEmail messages waiting to be sent are typically stored in what folder?
14 de AgostoSmart appliances and Wi-Fi connected cars fall under what category?
15 de AgostoWhat is company that makes websites available over the Internet called?
16 de AgostoA program that allows Windows to run on a Mac is what type of software?
17 de AgostoWhat is another name for a repeated delay in an online multiplayer game?
18 de AgostoWhat disc format can be erased?
19 de AgostoWhat type of component is most likely to include a 3.5mm jack?
20 de AgostoThe blinking cursor in a text document identifies what location?
21 de AgostoWhat is the top section of a webpage, which often contains the navigation, called?
22 de AgostoFPS is most relevant to what type of program?
23 de AgostoA flatbed is a type of what device?
24 de AgostoWhat is the most popular spreadsheet program?
25 de AgostoThe "Pixel" is the name of what type of device made by Google?
26 de AgostoHow many colors can a 24-bit RGB value represent?
27 de AgostoWhich of the following is not a feature of OS X?
28 de AgostoWhat is the difference between a mebibyte and a megabyte?
29 de AgostoAn "inkjet" refers to what type of device?
30 de AgostoApple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana are examples of what technology?
31 de AgostoWhat device allows multiple USB devices to connect to a single USB port?