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Cuestionarios de octubre, 2015

Octubre de 1What type of media might be supported by an optical drive?
Octubre de 2Original digital content is automatically protected by a legal means called what?
Octubre de 3What type of person would be most likely to use a debugger?
Octubre de 4What adjective describes an image that only contains shades of gray?
Octubre de 5Communicating over social media is also called what?
Octubre de 6One petaflops is equal to how many FLOPS?
Octubre de 7What type of device is most likely to support expansion cards?
Octubre de 8An iPhone is an example of what type of device?
Octubre de 9What is another name for a custom interface for a software program?
Octubre de 10Tiger is a code name of a version of what operating system?
Octubre de 11What key is used to indent a paragraph in a word processor?
Octubre de 12In order to access the Internet, you must first connect to what?
Octubre de 13What does it mean if a device is ergonomic?
Octubre de 14What is a file sent with an email message called?
Octubre de 15What type of file is a .CR2 file produced by a Canon digital camera?
Octubre de 16What type of data does a Readme file contain?
Octubre de 17What phrase was used to distinguish PCs from Macs in the 1980s?
Octubre de 18Which of the following is a data transfer medium?
Octubre de 19Which of the following actions is an example of bad netiquette?
Octubre de 20LANs are typically contrasted with what?
Octubre de 21Netmasks define classes of what?
Octubre de 22A typeface of a certain size and style is also called what?
Octubre de 23What is a mirrored RAID setup called?
Octubre de 24What is a program that can be used via a web browser called?
Octubre de 25What is the primary difference between RAM and ROM?
Octubre de 26What functionality is common in word processors?
Octubre de 27What do the letters in Unix stand for?
Octubre de 28What is the process of initializing a disk for a specific file system called?
Octubre de 29What is the maximum RGB color range of a TIFF image?
Octubre de 30What is software that records your actions with you knowing it called?
Octubre de 31What follows the "@" symbol in an email address?