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Quizzes from January, 2016

Enero 1What is another name for an external device you connect to your computer?
Enero 2What search engine provides "instant answers" for certain types of queries?
Enero 3What is the purpose of mounting a disk?
Enero 4What is another name for data generated by a program?
Enero 5What is a home with automated or remotely controlled components called?
Enero 6A zero day exploit is a type of what?
Enero 7What shape is a QR code?
Enero 8What type of document includes A records and MX records?
Enero 9What is Adobe Acrobat's native file format?
Enero 10What does the prefix "mega" in megabyte mean?
Enero 11Which of the following terms refers to a software program's built-in guide?
Enero 12LANs and WANs are types of what?
Enero 13What is the proper CSS shorthand for a solid grey two pixel border?
Enero 14What file extension does a Perl script have?
Enero 15iOS and Android are two popular types of what?
Enero 16What is the difference between an undefined variable and a null variable?
Enero 17What type of component is most likely to contain an LCD?
Enero 18What type of device might contain a CCD?
Enero 19What type of component is OLED technology used to create?
Enero 204K might be used synonymously with what acronym?
Enero 21What Internet service uses "attachments" to send files?
Enero 22What is the name of Microsoft's presentation creation program?
Enero 23What is it called when a program downloads a few seconds of media before playing?
Enero 24What acronym refers to optimizing website content for search engines?
Enero 25What is another name for a notebook computer?
Enero 26What type of software program is Microsoft Outlook?
Enero 27A vector is a name for a subset of what data type?
Enero 28¿A una persona que codifica programas de software también se le llama qué?
Enero 29An external hard drive may also be referred to as what?
Enero 30Which acronym describes the terms of use for a website or Internet service?
Enero 31Which version of HTML introduced the "article" and "section" elements?