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Quizzes from January, 2017

Enero 1The first day of the year is a good day to do what?
Enero 2What version of Windows introduced the Task Bar?
Enero 3A PON network transmits data over what type of medium?
Enero 4A touchpad is commonly found on what type of device?
Enero 5What verb describes fixing software errors?
Enero 6What device is most likely to record to the Mini DV format?
Enero 7What word describes a web application that combines multiple services?
Enero 8Which of the following is an example of an OTA transmission?
Enero 9DVD+RW is a type of what media?
Enero 10What phrase refers to deleting all the email messages in your Inbox?
Enero 11What two components are needed to create a computer console?
Enero 12What acronym describes accessing data in the opposite order of how it was entered?
Enero 13What phase describes digital content that is optimized for multiple devices?
Enero 14An "Adobe Photoshop file" is a specific type of what?
Enero 15Which of the following file types is not processed via rendering?
Enero 16What software enables access to a computer by a remote user?
Enero 17How many bytes are in a gibibyte?
Enero 18Horde, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube are types what what?
Enero 19An ADF is an alternative to what other option?
Enero 20What does a personal URL typically contain?
Enero 21Passive-matrix is a type of what technology?
Enero 22Which web scripting language is most commonly used with MySQL?
Enero 23What website might be used for an SMM marketing strategy?
Enero 24What verb describes a repeating function in a computer program?
Enero 25What is a common alternative to a monolithic kernel?
Enero 26What type of component is required to connect to a LAN?
Enero 27Which of the following is not a version of Windows?
Enero 28Using a graphics processor for general computing tasks is also known as what?
Enero 29Middle C (C<sub>4</sub>) on a piano produces what frequency?
Enero 30Bold, italics, and underlining are types of what?
Enero 31Which acronym describes a virtual classroom?