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Quizzes from May, 2018

Mayo 1Heartbleed was a security hole found in what technology?
Mayo 2What is software that can be used by several different industries called?
Mayo 3Which language is processed by the web browser rather than the web server?
Mayo 4What is the aspect ratio of HDV video?
Mayo 5What term refers to a video card that resides outside the computer?
Mayo 6Which technology is used to find the shortest path between routers?
Mayo 7Pressing a key or clicking a mouse button sends what type of signal to the CPU?
Mayo 8Which of the following technologies is associated with scanners?
Mayo 9Ripcording might produce what type of file format?
Mayo 10Read-only means what type of operation is not allowed?
Mayo 11FPU performance might be indicated with what unit of measurement?
Mayo 12The process of converting a value to another value is also called what?
Mayo 13Which of the following defines a range of useable IP addresses?
Mayo 14What kind of device is an Amazon Kindle?
Mayo 15A program that is partially developed but never released is called what?
Mayo 16What development step converts source code to machine code?
Mayo 17Malware that takes advantage of a security hole before it is known is called what?
Mayo 18What takes place in the optimizing stage of a macOS program installation?
Mayo 19El Capitan was a refinement to what previous version of Apple's desktop OS?
Mayo 20Which Windows technology was developed to take advantage of a computer's GPU?
Mayo 21A command-line interface may also be called what?
Mayo 22Which of the following is commonly used to match wildcard characters in a string?
Mayo 23Which of the following might function as a file server?
Mayo 24What is a pin on an integrated circuit that does not have a specific function called?
Mayo 25What action does cropping an image perform?
Mayo 26Which of the following is a type of Internet connection?
Mayo 27What is the digital record used to record cryptocurrency transactions called?
Mayo 28Which of the following was superseded by DDR SDRAM in the early 2000s?
Mayo 29What does a Java app "throw" when an unexpected event is encountered?
Mayo 30What Windows service maps NetBIOS names to IP addresses?
Mayo 31What type of software is most likely to be distributed in a physical box?