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Quizzes from July, 2018

Julio 1Which of the following statements about VLANs is true?
Julio 2An image on a webpage that is also a link may be called what?
Julio 3Which company acquired Yahoo! in 2017?
Julio 4What is the primary function of Microsoft Outlook?
Julio 5Which statement about rational numbers is false?
Julio 6Which advertising acronym refers to the cost for one thousand impressions?
Julio 7Which website is designed specifically for publishing blogs?
Julio 8Common Edit menu commands include Copy, Cut, and what?
Julio 9What device might include an OSD interface?
Julio 10Which of the following specifies the way a file location is displayed?
Julio 11What type of number cannot be displayed as a fraction?
Julio 12A computer without a primary storage device may also be called what?
Julio 13What is the first whole number?
Julio 14What is the process of converting data to a secure format called?
Julio 15Which organization standardized the Unified Modeling Language (UML)?
Julio 16What is the maximum capacity of a DDR4 memory module?
Julio 17Which of the following is not included in "system resources?"
Julio 18What type of connector do most analog headphones have?
Julio 19How large is the virtual channel identifier (VCI) within an ATM cell?
Julio 20What of the following is not required to digitally sign a document?
Julio 21A folder within a folder is also called what?
Julio 22Processor speed is most often measured by the frequency of what?
Julio 23Times New Roman is a type of what?
Julio 24What does remote desktop software enable?
Julio 25What abbreviation is commonly used to describe ports on the side of a computer?
Julio 26What are .BAT files found on Windows computers?
Julio 27What technology was developed by Sun Microsystems as an alternative to ASP?
Julio 28Which advertising term describes how often ads are clicked on a webpage?
Julio 29What is the lowest natural number?
Julio 30Which Internet technology was developed at the University of Minnesota?
Julio 31=) and :-P are examples of what?