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Quizzes from November, 2018

1 de Noviembre deWhat graphics term describes how transparent an image is?
2 de Noviembre deHow many zebibytes are in a yobibyte?
3 de Noviembre deFILO is synonymous with what acronym?
4 de Noviembre deA memory module is what type of component?
5 de Noviembre deWhat social media platform was acquired by Facebook in 2012?
6 de Noviembre deWhat type of file might be encoded with a codec?
7 de Noviembre deSRAM and EEPROM are two types of what?
8 de Noviembre deHTML content is defined by elements know as what?
9 de Noviembre deWhat interface element will display a flashing cursor when you click inside it?
10 de Noviembre deGenerating a playable video from a 3D animation is called what?
11 de Noviembre deWhat unit of measurement contains 1,000,000,000 bytes?
12 de Noviembre deIn Windows, the .EXE file extension is short for what?
13 de Noviembre deWhat type of device is used to digitize a signal?
14 de Noviembre deWhich of the following best describes a CPU register?
15 de Noviembre deWhat data type may only store predefined values?
16 de Noviembre deSony Trinitron was a technology used for what type of displays?
17 de Noviembre deWhat type of user might use an IDE on a regular basis?
18 de Noviembre deApple removed the "Mac" from "Mac OS X" with which operating system?
19 de Noviembre deReviewing source code with a pencil and paper is also called what?
20 de Noviembre deWhat is the purpose of SRM?
21 de Noviembre deWhat term describes organizing multiple cables?
22 de Noviembre deWhich statement about web beacons is false?
23 de Noviembre deTelnet supports what type of commands?
24 de Noviembre deWhat type of program error causes an unexpected result at runtime?
25 de Noviembre deWhat computer science term refers to shortening a value?
26 de Noviembre deWhich of the following is not considered a volume?
27 de Noviembre deSMB and AFP are implementations of what file system?
28 de Noviembre deWhat type of file is a GIF?
29 de Noviembre deWhat did Apple's Rosetta technology do?
30 de Noviembre deWhat type of printer sprays small drops of ink on a sheet of paper?