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Quizzes from January, 2019

Enero 1Which of the following allows a hardware device to work with a computer?
Enero 2Clicking on an icon and moving it is also called "___ and drop?"
Enero 3Which of the following is an example of typecasting?
Enero 4The main background of a desktop PC is called what?
Enero 5Which of the following connections uses fiber optic cables?
Enero 6Which metric measures computer processor performance?
Enero 7Which of the following is an OASIS standard?
Enero 8What is a network area between the intranet and a public network called?
Enero 9Radio frequencies are measured using what unit of measurement?
Enero 10Which verb describes restoring a storage volume from a disk image file?
Enero 11Which key typically performs a "remove" command?
Enero 12Reducing search results based on certain criteria is also called what?
Enero 13The T1 and T3 communication systems were developed by what company?
Enero 14Holding which key at startup loads the UEFI interface on a Windows PC?
Enero 15Which font setting allows the letters A and V to overlap vertically?
Enero 16What is another name for a program that automatically executes commands?
Enero 17System memory allocated to running applications is also called what?
Enero 18Which abbreviation describes a manufacturer that makes parts for another company?
Enero 19Which of the following is an output device?
Enero 20What is the purpose of a virtual path identifier (VPI)?
Enero 21Which of the following file types is saved in a plain text format?
Enero 22What might occur when the graphics processor is out of sync with the display?
Enero 23Adobe Flash, Microsoft PowerPoint, and JRE are examples of what?
Enero 24What is the first part of an email address?
Enero 25Which of the following is not a high-level language?
Enero 26Which of the following file transfer protocols is most limited?
Enero 27Which of the following typically identifies the insertion point in a text field?
Enero 28What is the period when a server is unavailable called?
Enero 29What does "garbage collection" clean up?
Enero 30What term describes a CPU that can execute more than one instruction per clock cycle?
Enero 31What technology allows signals to be transmitted over long distances?