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Quizzes from May, 2019

Mayo 1Which of the following definition best describes an email bomb?
Mayo 2Which type of RAM stores data after power is turned off?
Mayo 3Common expansion ports in the 1990s included MCA, VLB, and what?
Mayo 4The term "DevOps" combines development with what other word?
Mayo 5Which of the following is equal to 1,024 bytes?
Mayo 6Which of the following provides access to the Internet backbone?
Mayo 7A calculation that determines that value of a spreadsheet cell is also called what?
Mayo 8Which definition best describes throughput?
Mayo 9How many bits are in a gigabit?
Mayo 10The HFS file system was developed by what company?
Mayo 11Which of the following is not considered a desktop computer?
Mayo 12High-speed, high-bandwidth data transmission lines are also called what?
Mayo 13Which of the following is an example of leetspeak?
Mayo 14All integers greater than zero are collectively called what?
Mayo 15A name server translates domain names into what?
Mayo 16Which of the following is a diagram with arrows and boxes?
Mayo 17Which of the following is not an internal component on a PC?
Mayo 18Skinny horizontal ads on websites are called what?
Mayo 19What is Microsoft's extension of BASIC called?
Mayo 20What term describes how long a system has been running since the last restart?
Mayo 21How many more bytes are in a gibibyte than a gigabyte?
Mayo 22What was the root cause of the Y2K bug?
Mayo 23A series of links that lead back to the home page of a website are called what?
Mayo 24In what year was the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) instituted?
Mayo 25What type of user might install MAMP on his computer?
Mayo 26Which of the following is considered a non-impact printer?
Mayo 27OLAP is used to process what type of data?
Mayo 28What is the purpose of a resistor?
Mayo 29What is the appropriate solution to fix a frozen computer?
Mayo 30Which of the following is an example of virtualization?
Mayo 31What type of port is also known as an RS-232 port?