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Quizzes from September, 2019

Septiembre 1A computer component used to store data may also be called a what?
Septiembre 2A data type that cannot be broken down into a simpler data type is also called what?
Septiembre 3What is the purpose of a flag in computer programming?
Septiembre 4What is the difference between the "Cut" and "Copy" operations?
Septiembre 5What is another name for an error or unexpected event in a program?
Septiembre 6Why might a Unix user use the grep function?
Septiembre 7What is the purpose of a hard token?
Septiembre 8A text string that identifies a file is also called what?
Septiembre 9Which setting is used to alter the brightness of a display?
Septiembre 10What type of peripheral is an output device?
Septiembre 11Where does a version control system (VCS) store data?
Septiembre 12Stock photos and downloaded songs are examples of what?
Septiembre 13The process of simplifying something technical may also be called what?
Septiembre 14A device that boosts and relays the signal of a wireless router is also called what?
Septiembre 15Erasing and reintializng a hard disk is also called what?
Septiembre 16What type of file might contain Bézier curves?
Septiembre 17What is the purpose of HDR technology?
Septiembre 18What is the purpose of a Bcc field in an email message?
Septiembre 19What is an RDBMS used to manage?
Septiembre 20NaN is another way to describe what?
Septiembre 21What is the final phase in the Enterprise Unified Process model?
Septiembre 22Which of the following statements best describes a variable?
Septiembre 23What internal computer component might include a backside bus?
Septiembre 24For what is the WAMP software package used?
Septiembre 25What is the purpose of NAS?
Septiembre 26Which of the following statements best describes full-duplex communication?
Septiembre is an example of what type of website?
Septiembre 28Which of the following statements about a bare metal restore is true?
Septiembre 29To what does the term "baseband" refer?
Septiembre 30What type of user interface element might have a maximize button?