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Cuestionarios de mayo, 2012

Mayo 1What part of Windows allows you to modify system settings?
Mayo 2What kind of display may neeed to be occasionally degaussed?
Mayo 3When are tooltips displayed?
Mayo 4What type of port did PCs use for connecting keyboards and mice before USB?
Mayo 5What capability does ICS enable?
Mayo 6What term is used synonymously with "Refresh?"
Mayo 7A username/password combination is often called a what?
Mayo 8What are backlinks?
Mayo 9What website asks users to answer the question, "What are you doing?"
Mayo 10What protocol is used to deliver webpages to web browsers?
Mayo 11What verb can describe both replacing text and replacing files?
Mayo 12The "DCIM" folder is typically found on what type of storage device?
Mayo 13What number is represented by the binary value of 111?
Mayo 14What number does the hexadecimal number 3E8 represent?
Mayo 15What is a viral video?
Mayo 16What type of online ads pay publishers for each click?
Mayo 17What type of message must be 140 characters or less?
Mayo 18Files that contain unprocessed data are also called what?
Mayo 19P2P is used for what type of Internet service?
Mayo 20What word describes software that can run on Windows and Macintosh computers?
Mayo 21The structure and formatting of a programming language is also called what?
Mayo 22Motherboards, memory modules, and network interface cards are all types of what?
Mayo 23WEP is a security protocol for what type of network?
Mayo 24Which of the following best describes a halftone image?
Mayo 25What verb describes deleting a friend from a social networking website?
Mayo 26What is a function that calls itself during execution called?
Mayo 27What is GPS technology used for?
Mayo 28What is the name of Amazon's e-reader?
Mayo 29Individual RAM chips are also called what?
Mayo 30What operating system includes a systray?
Mayo 31Which of the following best describes pharming?