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Cuestionarios de junio, 2012

Junio, 1BLOB and CLOB are different types of what?
Junio, 2An MTU defines the maximum size of what?
Junio, 3What are jumpers used for?
Junio, 4What is FTP used for?
Junio, 5The design of an integrated circuit is also called what?
Junio, 6What are values passed into functions called?
Junio, 7"Impressions" is often used synonymously with what term?
Junio, 8When was the first iPhone released?
Junio, 9A company that provides Internet access to a large number of users is called what?
Junio, 10What aspect of an image is white balance used to calibrate?
Junio, 11What is website content created by visitors called?
Junio, 12Optimizing a website to achieve high search engine ranking is also called what?
Junio, 13What type of data is stored in a TIFF file?
Junio, 14What is the purpose of a UPS device?
Junio, 15What term means "live" or "on-the-fly"?
Junio, 16A window that pops up with a warning for the user is also called what?
Junio, 17What is the process of converting data from one form to another called?
Junio, 18What type of website allows visitors to create and modify website content?
Junio, 19What is another name for a subfolder?
Junio, 20What do you need in order to digitally sign a document?
Junio, 21What operating system uses prebinding to launch applications faster?
Junio, 22What type of file defines objects and images using a list of coordinates?
Junio, 23What type of device performs the opposite function of an ADC?
Junio, 24Where is RDF formatting typically used?
Junio, 25An electronic version of a paper document is also called what?
Junio, 26What term is sometimes used to describe a new user of technology?
Junio, 27What is a mobile phone that can be used to browse the Web and send emails called?
Junio, 28Tables are organized into rows and what?
Junio, 29The "cloud" is most often used as a synonym for what word?
Junio, 30What does a traceroute utility do?