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Quizzes from May, 2016

Mayo 1Phishing, pharming, and other malicious acts are collectively known as what?
Mayo 2Which of the following formats supports an alpha channel?
Mayo 3Who would be the most likely to use media queries in his or her work?
Mayo 4What company developed RDRAM?
Mayo 5What type of code does a JVM run?
Mayo 6What purpose does a checksum serve?
Mayo 7Usenet provides access to what type of content?
Mayo 8MDI is a type of what kind of port?
Mayo 9uPnP extends Plug and Play to what type of devices?
Mayo 10When is the hover state of a button on a webpage activated?
Mayo 11Which of the following is an example of a peripheral?
Mayo 12What effect will reducing the kerning have on a font?
Mayo 13What does the abbreviation "var" refer to in most programming languages?
Mayo 14Bash is a type of what?
Mayo 15What does the "p" stand for in 1080p resolution?
Mayo 16Which of the following is not a server-side scripting language?
Mayo 17Which process can restore a specific software configuration to new hardware?
Mayo 18PowerPoint is a program included in which software suite?
Mayo 19A software layer that allows different aspects of a program to work together is called what?
Mayo 20How many kilobits are in a megabyte?
Mayo 21A software demo might be distributed as what type of software?
Mayo 22In computer science, garbage collection is a type of what?
Mayo 23What does it mean when a device is online?
Mayo 24What company developed SLI technology?
Mayo 25In computer programming, "while" and "for" are two types of what?
Mayo 26What type of media might contain a hotspot?
Mayo 27What verb refers to automatically loading and executing commands?
Mayo 28Entering your username and/or password is also called what?
Mayo 29Converting an integer to a string is an example of what?
Mayo 30Which abbreviation is not related to Java?
Mayo 31In what section of a webpage are meta tags most commonly inserted?