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Cuestionarios de junio, 2016

Junio, 1What term may be used as a synonym for a software patch?
Junio, 2What is an example of good netiquette?
Junio, 3What type of person might be described as a noob?
Junio, 4Which of the following statements best describes grid computing?
Junio, 5A file server is an example of what?
Junio, 6What protocol is commonly associated with IPX?
Junio, 7What are regular expressions commonly used for?
Junio, 8What type of data is the Toslink connector used to transfer?
Junio, 9What element allows an external webpage to be inserted into an HTML document?
Junio, 10Which of the following abbreviations describes a type of online advertising?
Junio, 11What digital interface do modern televisions use for audio/video connections?
Junio, 12Which statement about an system on a chip (SoC) is false?
Junio, 13Which OS is published by the Free Software Foundation?
Junio, 14Which number is not a floating point number?
Junio, 15What is the defining element of a hypertext document?
Junio, 16Text without any formatting is also called what?
Junio, 17What company developed the iPad?
Junio, 18What is the LDAP protocol used to accomplish?
Junio, 19Dot matrix can describe printers and what other type of device?
Junio, 20What type of program is Microsoft Word?
Junio, 21What term describes any computer accessible over a network?
Junio, 22Which of the following statements about multithreading is false?
Junio, 23How many terminals does a diode have?
Junio, 24What is the difference between the ENUM and SET data types?
Junio, 25Which Windows operating system got rid of the Start Menu?
Junio, 26What abbreviation could be described as "telephone over the Internet?"
Junio, 27What measurement is used to describe the resolution of a halftone image?
Junio, 28Many gamers prefer a mechanical version of what device?
Junio, 29Which version of HTML introduced the <canvas> element?
Junio, 30Which image format stores data as a dot matrix rather than paths or points?