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Cuestionarios de octubre, 2016

Octubre de 1Which statement about GPIO pins is false?
Octubre de 2What is a file that downloads automatically when visit a webpage called?
Octubre de 3What technology enables the analysis of data from multiple database simultaneously?
Octubre de 4What is the time spent waiting for packet reception confirmation called?
Octubre de 5What data structure looks like an upside down tree?
Octubre de 6What is a the primary characteristic of a friendly URL?
Octubre de 7In what decade were the FDDI specifications standardized?
Octubre de 8What is JavaServer Faces (JSF) used to create?
Octubre de 9Which of the following is an example of the client-server model?
Octubre de 10Which of the following is not considered remote access software?
Octubre de 11What term describes software that has never been publicly released?
Octubre de 12What type of output does the NINO acronym describe?
Octubre de 13What is a GPU designed to process?
Octubre de 14What was the primary purpose of tape drives?
Octubre de 15Which of the following is inversely related to wavelength?
Octubre de 16A scanner might include a flatbed and what other type of scanning input?
Octubre de 17{12345678-9012-3456-7890-123456789012} is an example of what?
Octubre de 18Earbuds are a specific type of what?
Octubre de 19Which of the following is an FQDN?
Octubre de 20DRAM is a specific type of what component?
Octubre de 21What company introduced NetBIOS in 1983?
Octubre de 22Which of the following is an example of a network operating system?
Octubre de 23Which of the following is not an example of cloud computing?
Octubre de 24What format is used to specify the location of objects on a local area network?
Octubre de 25Which statement about OLED screens is false?
Octubre de 26Which of the following allows a printer to be shared with multiple computers?
Octubre de 27Which of the following is not a standard window interface element?
Octubre de 28The "VR" in PlayStation VR stands for what?
Octubre de 29Which of the following is not a type of software design pattern?
Octubre de 30Which of the following is not considered "over-the-top content?"
Octubre de 31Which of the following is not included in EXIF data?