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Cuestionarios de septiembre, 2016

Septiembre 1Sending messages from another user's email address is called what?
Septiembre 2How many zebibytes are in a yobibyte?
Septiembre 3How many phases are defined in the enterprise unified process (EUP)?
Septiembre 4A connection made with a potential e-commerce customer is also called what?
Septiembre 5Microsoft Exchange, Exim, and Dovecot are examples of what?
Septiembre 6What type of service has Twitter largely replaced?
Septiembre 7FILO is often contrasted with what other acronym?
Septiembre 8What type of hardware component might benefit from gamma correction?
Septiembre 9The pixel dimensions of a display may also be referred as what?
Septiembre 10What strategy is used to make networks more efficient?
Septiembre 11What does JFS manage on AIX systems?
Septiembre 12Recovering a complete system from a backup is also called what?
Septiembre 13What mobile service provider offers FiOS broadband service?
Septiembre 14Which of the following is not a UTF character encoding standard?
Septiembre 15What service identifies NetBIOS systems on a TCP/IP network?
Septiembre 16The USB-C connector was first supported by which version of USB?
Septiembre 17What type of device is designed for displaying digital books?
Septiembre 18WebEx and GoToMeeting are examples of what type of software?
Septiembre 19Which of the following devices is considered networking hardware?
Septiembre 20Which acronym describes an easy way to run SQL queries?
Septiembre 21What word is synonymous with "handle?"
Septiembre 22What is another name for a collection of interlinked websites?
Septiembre 23Sesame Street and the Discovery channel might be categorized as what?
Septiembre 24What type of webpage is most likely to include C# code?
Septiembre 25What type of device requires a SIM card to function correctly?
Septiembre 26Adobe InDesign and Quark Xpress are designed for what industry?
Septiembre 27What is a bézier curve used to adjust?
Septiembre 28Which of the following is a cellular data standard?
Septiembre 29What might the term "multi-core" be used to describe?
Septiembre 30What is the smallest amount of space a file can take up on a computer?