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Cuestionarios de julio, 2016

Julio 1What is the purpose of a CPU ZIF socket?
Julio 2Which acronym implies that all output requires some type of input?
Julio 3What was the last version of Mac OS X to support PowerPC processors?
Julio 4Dial-up is a type of what device?
Julio 5What are URLs saved in a web browser called?
Julio 6How many megabits per second can be transferred over a gigabit network?
Julio 7What type of component contains programmable logic blocks?
Julio 8What is the purpose of a virus definition?
Julio 9Which term best describes a jumper?
Julio 10Which statement about donationware is false?
Julio 11What type of technology is used to make files smaller?
Julio 12Fingerprint scanning and facial recognition are examples of what?
Julio 13Which of the following is not an object-oriented programming language?
Julio 14What was the default file system Macs used before Mac OS 8?
Julio 15What adjective describes a program that is easy to use?
Julio 16What is an integrated circuit that responds to radio waves called?
Julio 17What is the updated version of the Zip file format called?
Julio 18What service allows users to send messages that are automatically deleted?
Julio 19Which of the following statements about ADSL is not true?
Julio 20What version of Mac OS X was code-named Snow Leopard?
Julio 21What is a group of computers a on network with shared access privileges called?
Julio 22Which file format uses custom elements to store structured data?
Julio 23A refresh rate might be listed as a specification for what type of hardware?
Julio 24Which of the following terms best describes eSATA?
Julio 25What is DRM designed to protect?
Julio 26What type of interface uses only text?
Julio 27Which of the following is not a type of DSL?
Julio 28What does a snippet refer to in the context of computer programming?
Julio 29Which protocol does TFTP use to transfer data?
Julio 30Videos display multiple images per second, which are also known as what?
Julio 31What data type is most similar to a set?