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Cuestionarios de agosto, 2016

1 de AgostoWhat is the official programming language for creating Android apps?
2 de AgostoWhat type of computer might have a BIOS installed?
3 de AgostoWhich of the following is a temporary storage area built into a CPU?
4 de AgostoWhat HTML tag used to define subscript text?
5 de AgostoWhich of the following phrases best describes email bankruptcy?
6 de AgostoWin32 is an API for what operating system?
7 de AgostoWhat unit of measurement is between a terabyte and an exabyte?
8 de AgostoWhat Apple technology enabled PowerPC programs to run on Intel processors?
9 de AgostoWhich of the following devices cannot act as a gateway?
10 de AgostoThe WIMP acronym is most closely associated with what other acronym?
11 de AgostoWhat type of data does a zone file contain?
12 de AgostoGreenfield development is often contrasted with what other phrase?
13 de AgostoWhat camera setting adjusts for the ambient color temperature?
14 de AgostoWhat is the job of a search engine spider?
15 de AgostoWhat term describes health services provided using telecommunications technologies?
16 de AgostoRoughly how many megapixels does 6,291,456 pixels equal?
17 de AgostoWhat word describes something that can be extended or expanded from its initial state?
18 de AgostoYosemite was a version of which operating system?
19 de AgostoWhich language would most likely be used as an alternative to PHP?
20 de AgostoWhich unit of measurement is equal to 1,000,000,000 bits per second?
21 de AgostoWhich technology helps improve the performance of an SSD?
22 de AgostoA directory represented by a single slash (/) is also called what?
23 de AgostoWhich organization publishes the widest range of international standards?
24 de AgostoWhat adjective describes a "frozen" machine?
25 de AgostoWhat is the purpose of an affiliate link?
26 de AgostoWhich term describes software that uses an excessive amount of system resources?
27 de AgostoWhich term defines the rate at which a processor completes processing cycles?
28 de AgostoWhich of the following names is also a type of keyboard?
29 de AgostoWhich phrase best describes a kernel?
30 de AgostoWhat version of Windows introduced the WDDM display driver architecture?
31 de AgostoVFAT is a type of what?